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Health Related Topics & Recipes!!

How Important Is Self Care??

Added from previous website October 13 2018

Self care is so important for overall being, and happiness! As my mom likes to say “when you look good, you feel good”! It’s amazing how simple things like cutting your nail, getting a hair cut, and taking showers can make you feel so much better! When your stressed take some time to yourself and do something you like such as taking a bath, going for a walk, watch a movie, go biking, swimming, or just take a break! Believe it or not it can actually make you more productive! When your stressed it’s harder to concentrate, and it raises cortisol levels which could make you gain weight! When we take time and care for our selves , stress levels lower, we feel better, we are more productive, and have more energy to give to our families! This in turn creates a better work and home atmosphere. So taking time for yourself is important and so worth it!

Ten Ways To Save Money On Fruit & Veggies!

Added from previous website October 13 2018

Groceries can be one of the most expensive things that we spend our money on over the course of our lives. So how can we get the most bang for our buck especially looking at the prices of fruits and vegetables? Ten ways that we can save money on groceries especially fruits and veggies are:

1 Look through flyers for different grocery stores

2 Price match

3 Buy local(from farmers)

4 Buy in season

5 Go later at night probably 1-2 hrs before the grocery store closes and they will(if it is like some of the stores around my area) have a small section full of certain fruits and vegetable that need to sell that day for 50% off.

6 Buy in bulk (Costco is good for having certain items for cheaper than other stores)

7 Try to buy items when on sale if you can

8 Sometimes frozen vegetables can be cheaper than fresh although fresh is best

9 Planting your own garden(if this works with your schedule)

10 If you have friends that have a garden you could swop produce!

I hope this helps you become stalked full of vegetables, and extra money from the savings!

11 Suggestion For Keeping Your Child Active!

Added from previous website October 13 2018

Keeping children active can sometimes be difficult as TV and computer times have increased. Here are 11 suggestions for keeping your child active and having fun!

1) Take a walk with your child

2) Take your child to a local park

3) Take your child to a local pool to swim

4) If your child is really into video games you could hook up Wii Fit for the , as in order for the character to move the person has to do the actions

5) Another big hit is the trampoline

6) Let your child just play in the back yard

7) Sign them up for organized sports such as,(baseball, soccer, swimming lessons ect…)

8) If you go to the gym take them with you (some gyms also have programs for children)

9) Go on bike rides/rollerblading

10) Take them to the beach

11) Playing with them (tag, make forts ect..)

It is the time you spend with your child that matters most to them rather than the money you may spend on a toy or electronical device!

These are just some examples of activities that we can do to keep our children active. As well as staying active many of these suggestions are great activities for children to do with friends and have fun too! These are also great activities to help your child make new friends!

10 suggestions for helping your picky eater eat healthy!!

Added December, 20th, 2018

Getting your picky eaters to eat healthy can be hard!!! Here are five suggestions that I give to help you get your picky eaters to eat healthier!

1) keep junk food out of the house as much as possible 

2) model healthy eating habits like: eating lots of veggies, fruit, and fats

3) keep lots of veggies, fruit, and healthy fats out all the time as after school and bed time snacks. Instead of junk food!!

4) add fruit, herbs, lemon or limes to water if your child is set on having juice and won’t drink water plain.

5) involve your child in the grocery or farmers market shopping by letting them pick out some healthy foods they see and want.

6) if you have a garden involve your child in gardening and picking the veggies !

7) involve your child in the cooking process. based on appropriate age related tasks! 

8) When your child says they don’t like a certain food truly listen!

9) have a variety of healthy foods for your child to try as well

10) Make eating healthy food fun in your house your own way!!! 

The more you implement these changes the more your child will start adapting to eating this way and will start enjoying it!!

Berries Over Popsicles

March 17 2019

Have you ever wished there was a healthier frozen version/ substitute for popsicles especially when you or your child have a sore throat ??? Well I was thinking the other day and thought what a great idea it would be just to suck on and eat frozen berries!! Why you ask? 

~ No prossesed sugar in berries (especially since sugar can feed it). 

~ Berries have the added benefits of extra antioxidants and vitamins/ minerals!

~ The coldness of the frozen berries on a sore throat also feels so nice just like eating a popsicle would!!

I get a huge bag of organic frozen berries from Cosco for such a good price!

Hope this helps!!!😁 Do you and your child like berries??? 

Should you have that dessert you are craving???

April 3rd 2019

 This is a great and much debated question! I lean more to the side of no. Here is why:

1. There are those who are very addicted to sugar, wheat & flour and once they get taste they can’t stop but to finish the whole dessert. So for them it’s better to stay away from those desserts.

2. The effects that the sugar, wheat & flour have on diabetics blood sugar and overall health.

3. Staying way from these unhealthy desserts will help you with weightloss and overall health goals.

However, if you make healthier substitutes for the type of flour and leave out the sugar it could be a healthier dessert! And even if you substitute those unhealthy desserts for fruit & berries this which is definantly a great idea & to have some dessert !!! Not to mention all the health benefits too! What’s your favourite dessert?? Mine right now is berries with cinnamon!!😋

 6 Kitchen Time Savers For Busy Parents and Guardians!

August 22,  2019

 1. Buy pre cut vegetables

2. Buy minced or already peeled garlic

3. Buy frozen vegetables like(peas, and green beans ect)

4.Pre cut  and freeze vegetables that can be tossed in dishes like( soups, chilli's, stir fries).

 5. Use crockpots 

6. Batch cook and freeze

Hope you and your family finds theses suggestions helpful!

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